Great Men Who Have Joined the Fight for Women’s Rights

People like Emma Watson has in recent years made it clear that feminism is misunderstood and that it is not only women who fight and should fight for women’s rights. Men across the world have started standing up for the cause and are speaking out for equal rights for all. Meet the men who are publicly standing up and supporting equal rights.

Nick McKenzie – Great Men Project Manager

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He started as a volunteer and then became involved with Great Men workshops. They work with boys and men to help them rethink gender stereotypes and what they believe ‘real men’ do. They work to make the younger generations understand that women are not inferior and should not be the object of violence or sexism from men.

Shamil Makhecha – Member of the ‘Youth for Change’ project in the UK

Shamil believes the biggest issue facing women today is the outdated perceptions of gender. Gender roles have changed and should be more fluid. He is working on this project to help counter discrimination and separation based on incorrect and outdated views of gender and gender roles.

Luke Martin – Training Officer for Domestic and Sexual Violence and Violence Against Women and Girls

Luke has a law degree and feels very strongly about protecting women and allowing gender roles to be more fluid. He believes that parents are setting very rigid gender roles from a young age and that this causes many problems regarding equality for both genders.

Sadiq Khan – Mayor of London

He is a lawyer, MP, and now Mayor who has always believed that everyone should have equal rights. He uses his role as leader to help get rid of discrimination and equality in all forms.

This handful of men is changing the world and fighting for women’s rights and the right for everyone to be equal. They are joined by many other men across the world in the fight for equality and the fight against discrimination.

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