Facts You Need to Know About Women’s Health

Women’s health is something that is very important. Women carry future generations, they are often the main caregivers in the home, and they have specific health needs. This does not mean that men’s health is less important. It simply means that we need to ensure that all women get the healthcare they need. Here are some facts about women’s health.
Gender-based vulnerabilities – In developing countries, and sub-Saharan Africa specifically, many women still face discrimination or a lack of access to proper healthcare. In these countries, you will find many women with HIV, cancer, and other health problems that don’t have access to healthcare and medicine to help them.

Child marriages – Even though we are living in the 21st century, there are still countries and cultures that allow young girls to be married to older men. These girls, who are all younger than 18 and are often forced to get married from as early as 8 years old, don’t have the knowledge or experience to understand sex, the risks involved, etc.
Smoking habits – General statistics show that there are a lot more men than women that smoke. However, cigarette companies have become clever and are marketing directly to women which have caused an increase in the number of women who smoke. It has been found that it is more difficult for women to quit smoking and that traditional therapies are less effective with women.
Developing countries – The women in developing countries face so many unnecessary health complications. Too many women die every year because of preventable complications during childbirth and pregnancy because they don’t have access to proper healthcare.

Violence against women – Every day thousands of women across the world deal with sexual or physical violence. Most of the time, these violent acts are committed by men that they know well. Rape and physical abuse is not something that just happens to women who are irresponsible or poor. It happens to women of all races, cultures, religions, and socio-economic backgrounds. These violent acts cause many health issues for women from unwanted pregnancies to sexually transmitted diseases to emotional scars that may never heal.
Women across the world are facing horrific health conditions and we believe that this needs to be fixed. These are only a few facts that show how much women need to have better healthcare access and services.

Care For The Elderly – Elderly health is important because this blog is about Women we will talk about elderly women’s health. This topic is very important. In the U.S. almost everyone goes onto Medicare when they turn 65. Overall, Medicare is a great program. Medicare covers 80% of all medical costs, leaving about 20% leftover. This is where many folks get into trouble. For a woman, preventative tests for breast cancer and cervical cancer are expensive. For these reasons, you should get a supplemental policy to help pay for the costs that Medicare does not pick up.  There are many plans to choose from but we like Plan G offered by Cigna.

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