Every Woman Matters Walk is a blog inspired by the Every Women Matters Walk event that supports women’s health and rights issues. The basis of the movement is that every woman, no matter race, class, sexual orientation, religion, etc., is important and has the right to be healthy and happy. We started this blog to create awareness and call on all the women and men out there to support us and help us in the battle for equal rights for all.

We have a big team of people who run this website and all our events, rallies, and fundraisers. As with any movement, we require help to be able to keep going. If you would like to lend a hand in any way, please visit the DONATE page for more information. Every little bit helps us to get further ahead with the things we believe in.
Despite popular belief, not everyone who fights for women’s rights and health is female and not all of them is necessarily feminist. People of all races, genders, and countries believe that there should be rights protecting women against abuse, neglect, and more and that they should have access to health services. However, many people who walk alongside our movement also believe in and want to have equal rights for both men and women.
We feel very strongly about our cause and we would like the world to become aware of what is happening to their women and help us rectify the situation.

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