7 of the Most Influential Women in the World

During history, there have been many women who have changed the world. Some fought for women’s rights, others focused on helping the poor and disadvantaged and others still worked to prove that women are just as good and important as men. We have chosen a few of them to share for inspiration, but there are so many more powerful and wonderful women who have left a mark.

Mother Teresa (1910-1997)

Mother Teresa is a name known all over the world by young and old. She was one of the most selfless and inspiring women to ever walk the earth. She believed that love could change the world and she lived her life in service of those who were less privileged and disadvantaged.

Susan B Anthony (1802-1906)

Susan B Anthony worked avidly to oppose slavery and she campaigned for women’s rights and worker’s rights. Her work led to the changing of people’s views and attitudes and it also lay the foundation for laws that would later be instated and, amongst other things, gave women the right to vote.

Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962)

Eleanor Roosevelt may be more well-known for famous quotes like ‘No-one can make you feel inferior without your permission’. However, her role in history was much larger. She was the wife of US president DF Roosevelt and she was an avid fighter for universal human rights. What many people don’t know, is that she was the head of the United Nations human rights commission when the UN Declaration of Human Rights was drafted and passed.

Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797)

Mary Wollstonecraft wrote a book that would change the way people view women and their rights. The book was called ‘A Vindication of the Rights of Women’. During her time, these ideas were seen as radical, but they would eventually seep their way into later centuries and be accepted as valid.

Marie Curie (1867-1934)

Marie Curie was a very intelligent lady and was determined to prove women could work as hard as men. She was the first women to win a Nobel Prize and she did it twice. She won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903 and in Chemistry in 1911. Her work was influential in the development of radioactivity and X-Ray.

Oprah Winfrey (1954- )

Everyone in the world knows about Oprah. She has influenced American people, culture, and much more in the last few decades. She inspires and gives back to the people. She writes books on many issues and her television show changed many lives.

Rosa Parks (1913-2005)

Rosa Parks set in motion a huge movement that fought against apartheid in the United States. She refused to give up her seat on a segregated bus and by doing so, started a whole campaign for equal civil rights. She played a big role during this time and in the American civil rights movement as a whole.

It is clear that women have been strong, independent, smart, and influential for many decades and centuries. Women can inspire and motivate and start revolutions. This is part of the reason why women should have equal rights and opportunities.

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