3 Ways to Join the Fight for Women’s Rights in the United States of America

You would think that the world would have gotten over gender inequality and outdated views of women and gender roles. It is, after all, the year 2017. Unfortunately, this is not the case and gender inequality is still very much alive. With President Trump planning to get rid of all the organizations that protect women, it is definitely time to take action. Here are the ways you can get involved, no matter if you are male or female.

Donate and support the organizations that work to protect women and their rights. If you start asking around and doing some research, you will find that there are many organizations and movements that need help. Some of the better-known ones are Planned Parenthood, National Organization for Women, and The Center for Reproductive Rights. You can donate money and time to these organizations and help them stay open. If you can’t contribute financially, these places can always use your time and help as well.

Educate yourself and your loved ones. People have many misperceptions and stereotypes that prevent them from knowing the truth and seeing the reality of what is happening in the world. To help rectify this situation, educate yourself on what rights women have, which rights we are fighting for, what different women’s rights organizations and health clinics actually do, and how you can help. Make sure that you also tell your friends and family what you’ve learned and they can tell their friends. That is how we can make a change and ensure that people have the right information.

Start taking action against those who are against women’s rights. Do some research on your local politicians and activist movements that may not be in support of women’s rights. Write letters, attend meetings, arrange peaceful rallies, join an organization, etc. to make your voice heard.

Apart from these 3 things, the most important thing you can do every day is support and be there for the women in your life. Talk openly with your friends and be supportive of them. Listen when they tell you about the things that they are experiencing and make sure they know that they are not alone.

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